The Pros and Cons of Vegetable Laxatives

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Here’s the second part to Dr. Medora’s explanation of laxatives. More varieties of vegetable laxatives are explored, including prunes, laxative resins, and sugar alcohols. Read the entire post…

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Spotting Nutrition Quackery 2

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Are you offered anecdotal stories instead of well-designed investigative research?

Is the proof of effectiveness primarily anecdotal? Anecdotes are isolated stories that may be interesting, but cannot be related to each other or to the treatment or product advertised. Quacks build trust with clever stories and in-house research describing how others were helped. They jump to the conclusion that further research is not necessary because what worked for one will work for millions. Ethical scientific research, on the other hand, must be reviewed by scientific peers, and must be reproducible. Read the entire post…

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