Robin’s Journal: Week 11. Part 1

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I had a very erratic week. I’m having a severe arthritis flare, and it’s affecting my motivation to do much of anything, much less stick to a good diet and exercise plan. For some reason walking seems less daunting and less painful than the stationary bike during these times, so I made the effort to get out and walk with my roommate’s dog. Read the entire post…

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Healthy Options for that Leftover Turkey

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No matter how great your intentions were, the odds are that if you’re like the rest of us, you overeat on Thanksgiving. Holidays are great for breaking down our willpower, aren’t they? In any case, now you probably have a huge Tupperware container of leftover turkey in the refrigerator, and are wondering how you’ll get through the next week without eating all of that leftover stuffing and pie! Read the entire post…

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