Hazardous to adults with health problems

While ETS exposure is unhealthy for everyone, it can have an especially strong impact on people with certain health problems. ETS may affect the cardiovascular system, and lead to angina pectoris (chest pain) in people with coronary artery disease. Nonsmokers with allergies report more allergy symptoms, such as headaches, cough, sore throat and nausea after ETS exposure than do nonsmokers without allergies. ETS can trigger an asthmatic attack in people with asthma.

Second-hand smoke is a preventable health risk

Given the health risks outlined above, it is understandable that the move to promote smoke-free environments continues to grow. Like any other health hazard, ETS is something to avoid. Children especially need to be protected from ETS exposure. Many households, even those with smokers, have decided to keep their homes smoke-free, or to at least limit smoking to one room that is well-ventilated. Most workplaces prohibit smoking or limit it to designated areas.

What about smokers? Smokers don’t smoke just to offend nonsmokers, and appreciate having designated smoking areas so they won’t be accosted by militant nonsmokers who forget that smokers are people with feelings too. Smoking behavior results from the fact that nicotine is a strongly addictive drug; quitting is not easy. A majority of smokers would like to quit smoking, and understand that smoke exposure is a hazard that must be regulated. The important thing is to provide this regulation in a manner that is protective to all, rather than punitive to smokers.

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