What exactly is HGH?

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is the most prevalent hormone generated by the pituitary gland, which is situated in the core of the human brain. The human growth hormone is emitted by the pituitary gland and helps in an array of the human body’s health performance.

Here you may question why we would want additional HGH when our bodies are producing sufficient quantities of  HGH? Why is replenishing HGH necessary?

Researchers say that HGH levels start taking at dive at age 30. As we age, our levels are constantly plummeting. Indeed, a number of authorities believe that up to 80% or more of our HGH amounts are lost over time.

What does this mean to you?

It is believed by many researchers that the dip in HGH levels is what precipitates a variety of health problems and diseases associated with aging in the modern world — including weight gain, reduced energy, loss of muscle, wrinkles, less mental alertness, compromised immune system, vision issues, etc.

In short, it is thought that there is an explicit correlation between lowering levels of HGH and growing evidence of aging. With the reduction of HGH levels, the more adverse signs of aging appear.

Hence, the thinking is that to significantly counter the aging cycle, you must raise your amount of growth hormone. If this hypothesis is right, then we may arrive to the conclusion that HGH is the key to bringing back lost youth

How can we effectively increase HGH levels?

Restoring or boosting your HGH levels can be accomplished by any one of three methods:
# human growth hormone injections
# human growth hormone oral sprays
# herbal supplements which increase your body’s HGH levels naturally

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method? Which of these methods work?

METHOD # 1: HGH Injections

Despite HGH injections possessing some flaws, information from some notable studies does affirm that HGH injections produce excellent results.

For injections, at the general rate of two or three times a day, synthetic HGH is injected into the body. One shot generally costs $25, so a daily dosage of HGH would run about $50-$75. And added to the bad news is that usage of recombinant (injectable) growth hormone must have a doctor’s consent, as the drug is dispensed by prescription only. Additionally, as a “classified disease” is not the case here, insurance will not reimburse for HGH injections. The significance of which is that you will be the responsible party for all the incurred expense!

In addition, as stated above, injections employ synthetic (artificially engineered) HGH. To put it simply, its unnatural. Whenever you put strange hormones into the body, side effects can occur.

As a matter of fact, the July 5, 1990 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine detailed a study which showed a number of patients receiving injections were hit with undesirable side effects.

Pros: Injectable HGH works well.

Cons: Injectable HGH is quite costly, painful, time-consuming, is dispensed by prescription only, and can have serious side effects.

METHOD # 2: HGH Oral Sprays

No proof has been provided to show that oral sprays are effective.

Synthetic HGH can be administered directly into the mouth via an oral spray. Nonetheless, much chronicled data appears to point to the total ineffectiveness of oral sprays.

Sprays are regarded as useless for the reason that growth hormone is a big, volatile molecule which is incapable of penetrating through membranes inside the mouth. In addition, administering the dose is almost impossible with a spray, though this is a smaller concern since the dosage provided in a spray is far under therapeutic amounts.

Moreover, sprays are full of likely harmful binder and filler additives that authorities consider not good things to get near at all.

Lastly, oral HGH sprays are known for their bad taste as they impart an objectionable aftertaste in the mouth.

Pros: None.

Cons: Oral HGH Sprays do not work, taste awful and may include binders and fillers that could be dangerous.

METHOD # 3: HGH Supplements (Herbal Supplements)

The effectiveness of HGH Supplements is a matter of continuing debate. Despite that, a number of recent studies have demonstrated that some HGH Supplements are productive, giving just about the same extent of benefits as expensive HGH injections are capable of.

With herbal HGH Supplements, a mixture of herbal tablet and capsule supplements are taken. Normally, the pills are ingested just before bedtime, as the pituitary gland works at its peak capacity during sleep.

Herbal HGH Supplements have no synthetic HGH, dissimilar to injections and sprays. Rather, the ingredients in herbal HGH Supplements are totally natural. It is thought that the appropriate blend of herbs can excite the pituitary gland, forcing it to create greater quantities of the body’s own growth hormone.

Just for this reason, some authorities consider HGH Supplements as much less likely to cause harm than injections and sprays. In preference to receiving, orally or by injection, a foreign  matter into the body, HGH Supplements force our body to more vigorously generate its own growth hormones. This, in consequence, avoids the bothersome side effects that plague other kinds of HGH alternative.

Pros: A number of studies conducted in the recent past have concluded that many HGH Supplements work very well. Herbal HGH Supplements are a lot less expensive than oral sprays or injections, plus they have zero side effects. You don’t need a prescription to get herbal HGH supplements.

Cons: None.

How does this data affect us?

An evaluation of the information currently available regarding Human Growth Hormone indicates that herbal HGH Supplements are the most cost effective, safest, and most effective method of increasing or restoring natural HGH levels.