The Cooper Aerobics Center offers a variety of services on its campus, including the Cooper Clinic, a fitness center, wellness programs and a 62-room guest lodge, along with the continuing education programs of the Institute for Aerobics Research. Although an independent massage therapy business had previously leased space in the facility, it was not fully utilizing the space and was not generating a good return on investment. All of this changed with the opening of The Spa, which has become a new profit center for the Cooper Aerobics Center.

Construction of the 3,200-square-foot Spa began in February 1998 with the conversion of two underutilized racquetball courts. The two-level facility has a Mediterranean-style design that guests find comforting. The elegant yet understated lobby has a cascading waterfall, raised ceiling and gothic columns. There is also a long serpentine wall that adds visual interest to the hallways where private suites for facials and massages are located. A pedicure and manicure salon, and a secluded area for relaxation are included as well. Architectural details such as indirect lighting, crown molding, weathered iron hardware and a rustic metal chandelier all add to this distinctive decor. The entrance to the fitness center was renovated in a compatible design at the same time.

The Spa has been a big hit with the 3,100 members of the Cooper Aerobics Center. They appreciate the comprehensive wellness services that are now available in a single location. The new facility complements the aerobics center’s other services and increases the amount of revenue generated. Members who are on the campus to exercise can now enjoy a sports massage after their workouts, and guests at the lodge can walk over for a manicure or pedicure.

The Spa has also increased the number of potential members who have visited the campus. These additional amenities and the 10 percent discount for spa services have boosted membership at the Cooper Fitness Center as well, further increasing profits.

Although there was some temporary inconvenience to members during construction, this was minimized by the scheduling of work during slower traffic periods. After seeing the real-world benefits of massage for stress reduction, all of the members and visitors to the Cooper Aerobics Center have enthusiastically welcomed The Spa as a world-class addition to the center. By providing these complementary services, managers have been able to increase customer satisfaction and their bottom line at the same time.

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